Thursday, 9 November 2017

Naamkaran 9th November Full Written Update

Neil goes to the kitchen and sees Avni throwing the custard which she prepared for Avni. Avni admits that Juhi is unable to come close to Mishti because of her. Neil tells Avni that she has bonded to Mishti as she is his daughter.
Neil tells Avni not to think like that and they cannot tell Mishti the truth about Juhi just as yet. Avni says that she wants to get out of the way between Juhi and Mishti. Neil thinks Avni is upset and he will have to do something. Juhi meets Mishti and praises her pink outfit. Avni says they will play a game where Mishti and Juhi will be in one team. Mishti says she wants to be in Avni’s team and Juhi gets upset.
Avni coaxes Mishti to be in Juhi’s team. Mishti feels sleepy and Juhi puts her to sleep. Neil calls up Avni and asks her to meet him outside the house. Neil takes Avni to a decorated room and gives her a gift. Avni opens the gift box and sees a white dress. Neil says that her dream of a white wedding was ruined earlier so he wants to fulfill her dream. Neil asks Avni to wear the white wedding dress for the next surprise.

Avni wears the dress and comes out but Neil is not there. The doorbell rings and Avni sees lady constable who arrests her. Avni is confused as the police get her to police station. DD tells Avni that she has been accused of robbery. Neil comes in just then and tells Avni that she has stolen his heart. Neil tells Avni he will show her proof and shows her a slide show of their pictures. Neil says that case 123 has made him crazy. Neil says that Ananya Verma reached his bachelors pad and left memories for him. Neil says that they had hatred in their eyes but love in their heart. 
Neil says that they got drunk in holi and she did the crime of looking so beautiful in holi. Neil tells Avni she stole his heart. Neil bends down on his knee and tells Avni that she will have to live in his heart forever. Neil gives Avni a diamond ring. Avni tells Neil she is ready to be arrested by him and Neil makes Avni wear the ring. Everyone claps. Neil and Avni hug each other. Neil and Avni reach Neil’s bachelor’s pad. Neil tells Avni that he wants to complete his wedding vows. Avni puts her arms around Neil and tells him that she likes his style of confessing love. Neil and Avni are lost in each other’s eyes. Neil and Avni dance. Neil kisses Avni on neck and takes her on bed covered with rose petals. Neil caresses Avni. Avni gets shy and gets up. Neil continues to romance with Avni. Neil is about to kiss Avni but the doorbell rings. Neil’s landlord comes there and tells him that he tried to call him many times. Landlord says that he has soldthe flat. Neil asks who is the new owner. Vidyut comes there and Neil is shocked. 
Landlord says that Vidyut has given double price for this flat. Vidyut says that he has spoilt romantic mood. Vidyut says that when he first saw Avni she was wearing white gown even then. Vidyut says that the two of them must have never gone for honeymoon. Neil praises Avni’s pictures and says she looks prettier in reality. Neil tells Vidyut that his mother has taught him to misbehave with children and women.
Precap: Guruma and Vidyut enter a godown and Neil arrests them.

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