Thursday, 2 November 2017

Naamkaran 2nd November: Avni Mishti meet with an accident

Avni tells Neil that she has kept Mishti hidden. Neil and Avni reach Mishti and take her along. Neil gets a bottle of water and gives it to Mishti. Mishti tells Neil that sir will come.
Avni asks Mishti not to be scared and Neil will protect them. Avni makes Mishti sleep and recalls her and Aisha’s moments. Avni sings the lullaby for Mishti which Aisha used to sing for her. Mishti falls off to sleep. Avni sees an injury on Neil’s back. Avni asks Neil to take off his shirt and scolds him for not telling her about his injury. Neil and Avni are both nervous as Neil takes of his shirt. Avni puts cream on Neil’s back.
Neil and Avni come very close and have a romantic eye-lock. Neil tells Avni that he will never let her go away from his sight once they reach home. Neil is about to kiss Avni but Mishti wakes up and says that the goons are coming. Avni tells Neil that Mishti is very scared. Neil starts a fire and Avni asks him why he is doing this. Vidyut tells his men to find Neil and Avni in next 10 minutes. Neil tells Avni that he is starting the fire to divert them.
Neil and Avni leave from there along with Mishti. Vidyut and his men reach there but Avni and Neil have left. Vidyut’s man gets a call and he informs Vidyut about something which is muter.  Neil tells Avni that his jeep is close by and he will get it. A jeep suddenly comes out from the bushes and runs over Neil. Vidyut’s men come in the jeep and grab Mishti and Avni. Neil chases after the jeep in which Avni and Mishti are kidnapped. 

Vidyut scolds Avni for trying to fool him and take away Mishti from him. Vidyut purposely makes the jeep go faster as Neil continues to chase them. Neil takes another route. Vidyut scolds Mishti and Mishti joins her hands before him. Vidyut warns to teach them a lesson for harassing his mother. Avni warns Vidyut that Neil will ruin him when he comes. Vidyut’s jeep runs over nails and starts swirling and stops suddenly. Everyone falls off from the jeep. Mishti and Avni are badly injured. Vidyut looks at them menacingly. Vidyut approaches Mishti. Ali suddenly comes there with a rod. Ali beats Vidyut’s goons. Vidyut grabs Ali’s neck and chokes him. Ali becomes unconscious. Neela tells Neil’s family about Neil and Avni’s plan. Neela says that Avni became Ananya to reach Mishti. Vidyut takes the belt of Nails and goes towards Avni. Neil arrives there on a motor bike and pushes down Vidyut. Neil and Vidyut fight. Avni tries to wake up unconscious Mishti. Avni tells Neil about Mishti’s condition. Vidyut becomes dizzy and goes for his insulin injection.

Precap: Neil tells Vidyut he is not as smart as he thinks. Avni tells Neil that Mishti is not waking up.

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