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KeeSh Fan Fiction: And another night together

Finally they were having dinner after emotional and physical trying day. everyone was happy as finally Keerti is back home. He didn't have anything from y'day yet he felt like he is full as he was so happy have Keerti ji siting next to him... everyone was enjoying their meal so do Keerti he look at her  Badi daadi and Bua Dadi was pampering her. he had a smile on his face seeing that happy site.. Gayu notice change on him
Gayu: Bhai are you okay?
Naksh: yess  .. He smiled back at her.
Gayu : but you don't looks so.. did you got hurt while fighting??
Naksh was shocked how come Gayu knows it. Gayu undersoot his question
Gayu: Naira told me everything..
Dadi: what did naira told you?? what happen??
naksh tried to cut it off
Naksh: Nothing Dadi.
Gayu: actually Bhabi was about to get kidnapped while coming to Meet Bhaiya.. Ad Gayu told the entire truth to Family.
naksh and keerti was shocked
Naksh: All is fine Dadi keerti ji is safe here..
Dadi: Keerti beta are you okay?? did you got hurt??
Keerti : I am fine Dadi, Naksh was there on time to save me.
she looked at Naksh.. he smiled at her.
Dadi: Did you go hurt  Naksh?
standing behind him she crush his hair gently, to answer her she looked back at her he had a pain on his left solder.. it was visible to Keerti she soon got up and asked him
Keerti: Naksh what happen
Dadi: let me check..
she ask naksh to bend down his neck which he did with much difficulty..
Naksh: uufff..aahaa..
Dadi: You are hurt Naksh, wait will bring some thing to apply after eating you go to bed you need rest..
He nod looking at Dadi and looked back at Keerti But vision getting blurred...
Keerti was standing beside naksh and she can see him dozing off
Keerti: Naksh... Naksh are you okay??
Gayu ran towards Naksh . Naksh could feel Keerti talking to him. but unable understand her and everything around him getting blurred
Gayu: Bahabi lets get bhai in to bed.
with the help of Dad ji Keerti Gayu some how took Naksh to their bedroom .  they place him on bed and Keerti was so worried ..she was wiping off his sweat on his face..
Keerti: We need to call a doctor
Gayu: Bhabi just a minute looks like bhai's glucose level has gone up last 2 days he haven't eat well no did he had any medicine.. everyone was shocked to hear he even haven't eat.. gayu took the glucose meter and did a blood test of Naksh

Gayu: OMG i told you it's so high it's showing 338 we need to give him an insulin.. Mishti ask Dadi to come..Keerti was so helpless and blaming her self for this status of Him.. She wiped off her tear she didn;t want to be weak at moment if Naksh saw her this way he will get more upset
Dadi inject an insulin...few minutes later he gained conscious. she was siting next to him holding his left hand. she saw him opening his eyes
Keerti: Naksh you u okay??
he nod yess.
Dadi: Naksh beta how are you feeling .. she nod good
Dadi : Keerti apply this mix on wound aria he will feel go..
she nod and about to take the mix form Dadi's hand 
Dadi: what are you doing ?  remove his shirt and  turn him apply it on back side of his neck and shoulder.
Keerti looked nervous but yes she manage to speak
Keerti: okay Dadi..
Dadi: If he is having fever give him antibiotic when he woke up it's in his first aid box.
Keerti: Sure Daid..
Badi Daid: Keerti beta if you need any help call us okay? okay come lets go they need rest they had a long day..
everyone went and Gayu was the last want to go from the room she closed their room door and was now only them ..she was nervous how can I apply this on Naksh. will he be okay..she was fighting with her confused emotions, gaining more courage she made up her mind move close to Naksh and start unbuttoning his shirt. she can feel that she is blushing every moment his body is exposing more and more..Finally she unbutton his shirt..  his six packs was so much things start running on her mind...unknowingly her fingers were running over his bear chest.. she realized what is she doing.. she soon focused on what she wanted to do, she manage to turn him other side exposing half of his back and she removed his shirt off as soon as she removed his shirt she was shocked to see two road marks on his back.. she was already crying as she is the reason for his pain..she gently touched the marks.. she said sorry again and again to him. she brought her face close to his wound and blow some cool air over it, a tear drop fall on his bear back she raise her head and wipe it off gently..she took the mix and gently start applying it on the marks soon as his bear back touched her finger she was jacked and soon she took her hand back.. She remember how Aditya ask her to give him massage it he is not satisfied how he beat her, she was all taken back and crying.. her whole body start to shiver, She was all scared it, so many flashback running. looking at sleeping Nkash  she mange to control  her self remembering words.. 'Now I am there, nothing can harm you' it took some times for her to get back to her sense.. She gently applied the mix which Dadi gave her.. and  applying She cover him with a sheet and she change her dress and sate next to naksh tucking her self on bed, she gently placed her hand on his forehead to check on his temperature.. She thank god as it was normal. While she taking off her hand Naksh garbed her hand. Which was unexpected for her.
Naksh: are you okay? they grabbed your hands is it paining?.. 
He was half awake, Yet he worried about her..
Keerti: I am completely fine Naksh, Nothing happen to me, do you really thing can anything happen to me when youa re around me? (She gave faint smile hiding her tears)
Naksh: Keerti ji can you get me a T-shirt I feel cold.. 
She nod and brought him a T- Shirt.. He was trying to get up but was weak He Helped him to site and helped him wear the T-Shirt. helped him back to lye down on bed.
Keerti: are you comfortable? He nod yess and dose off..
He yet again took yer place on bed and turn to look at her sleeping husband.. she went closer to him and thought of the incidents which took place past 2 days..  She brought her face closer to his eras and whispered to him.
Keerti: I am Sorry Naksh... Will not even think of Leaving you never ever. I have realize one thing very clearly you are my future.
She switch off the lights and came close to Naksh hold his and closed her eyes to get some sleep...
it was around 3 o'clock and he felt something hit his face he open his eyes he got surprised it was his wife's had he looked at her she was having peaceful sleep beside him, he place her hands back and closed his eyes to sleep pack yet again he was getting some pressure to move on he moved a bit he didn't realized he was edge of the bet he fall off from bed..she was all shocked what just happen.. his shoulder start hurting with the pain, he laugh at him self for landing this way,  he looked back.. 

his wife was enjoying their whole bed. he felt happy to see Keerti in a peaceful sleep, her relaxed face was proof of it. she was on a beautiful dream. He can see few hair was on her face he wanted to take them off so he can adore his sleeping beauty, He heisted a bit as it's might disturbed her sleep then he gently tucked her hair back. and gently raised her head and placed a pillow. and look at the bed back to see is there any possible way to sleep. finally he took few pillows and sate on sofa as he left no space to sleep in their bed... siting back he looked at her moon light was falling on her face and it was a beautiful site to watch for him. He looked for his phone so that he can capture this beautiful view forever with him. He came closer to her and took a picture . smiled at his sleeping wife. he took his seat back on sofa adjust it for him to sleep.. he place the pillow and lye down on sofa Thanking Papa for giving him idea to add a sofa when the room renovation took pace before their wedding... after all papa has experience thinking of it Naksh closed his eyes... 

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