Thursday, 2 November 2017

Ishqbaaz 2nd November:Anika and Shivaay argue over kidnapping Gauri

Episode starts with Anika entering Omkara’s room for her phone, Omkara brings Gauri out of the cupboard. Shivaay and Anika argue with each other, Anika says whatever Shivaay did was wrong, both argue with each other in front of Rikara and Ruvya and break phones.
Some time back… Anika wakes up in the middle of the night and worries about Shivaay. Shivaay, Omkara, and Rudra bring Gauri in, Shivaay tells Omkara to look after Gauri, Anika sees Omkara and wonders who is he carrying, Shivaay comes, Anika questions him about Omkara, Shivaay covers up. shivaay picks up Anika and takes her back in the room and signals Omkara. Om takes Gauri to his room. Anika asks Shivaay about the meeting, Shivaay goofs up in his answer, Anika gets suspicious and decides to find out the truth.
Omkara puts Gauri on the bed and looks after her. Shivaay realizes that he goofed up and tries to cover up. Anika confronts Shivaay for lying to her. Shivaay refuses to talk and hides from Anika. Shivaay calls Rudra and tells him to inform Omkara to be alert as Anika is in doubt. Bhavya and Anika decide to find the truth and decide to start their investigation from Omkara. Omkara and Rudra wonder what to next, they decide to keep everything secret from Anika till they know what to do.
Omkara wonders how to hide Gauri, Omkara wraps Gauri in the bedsheet and puts her in the cupboard. Omkara gets shocked as Anika and Bhavya come in his room. Anika and Bhavya check Omkara’s room, Anika sees a piece of bedsheet stuck in Omkara’s cupboard. Anika tries to investigate, Rudra and Shivaay come, Shivaay makes the drama of being unwell, Bhavya throws water on him, Anika scolds Shivaay for not taking care of himself, Anika and rest take Shivaay outside. 

Anika tells Rudra to call the doctor, Shivaay refuses, Anika gets annoyed, Rudra picks up Shivaay, Anika looks for her phone to call the doctor, she goes to Omkara’s room, Omkara brings Gauri out of the cupboard, Anika gets shocked, Omkara gets shocked. Anika argues with Shivaay for kidnapping Gauri. Shivaay defends himself and Omkara’s love for Gauri. Shivaay says Gauri is his sister and her happiness is with Omkara and hence he kidnapped her. Anika and Shivaay argue. Anika walks off in anger saying Shivaay did the wrong thing. Gauri regains consciousness and wonders how she reached in Omkara’s room. Anika asks Omkara how could he fall for Shivaay’s plan, Anika worries if Gauri will ever forgive him, Gauri comes there and hugs him. Gauri tells Omkara that he did the right thing, what she wanted and says thank you to Omkara. 
Gauri says she was trying to escape but before she could say anything Omkara put the tape on her mouth. Gauri tells them about Ajay’s blackmail. Anika forgives Omkara and Shivaay as Gauri is happy, Anika hugs Gauri. Anika and Shivaay start arguing again about each others’ anger. Rikara and Ruvya watch them with amusement. Shivaay and Anika talk about each others’ bad points. Anika asks how come Shivaay did not throw his phone, Shivaay throws his phone, Anika gets angry and throws her phone.


Bhavya asks Gauri and Anika if they are going to take the Trust Test, Gauri hesitates, Anika forces her. Omkara and Gauri come close.

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