Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10 October: Ruhi secretly observes Karwa Chauth fast for Nikhil

Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) thanks Param for allowing Nikhil to stay at his place and also apologizes to him for hurting his sentiments. Nikhil gets happy to see Ruhi and Simmi downstairs. They reach Param’s house but return as soon as they see Ishita there. Ishita leaves. Ruhi tells Simmi that she cannot hide things from Ishita. Simmi tells her that it’s okay to hide things when you are in love. Mr Iyer tells Santoshi that Madhu has gone out and asks her to do all the preperations for Kiran’s first Karwa Chauth. She assures him that she will take care of everything. Raman (Karan Patel) asks Kiran if she will be able to fast for the entire day. She tells him that she loves Bala a lot and she will manage. Bala comes and says he will also observe fast for her.

Bala says Raman also keeps it for Ishita, every year. Aaliya taunts Aadi and says she knows he will never be able to do it. Ishita comes and asks Aadi and Romi to keep it for Aaliya and Mihika. Santoshi asks all of them to sleep and says they will have to wake up at 4 am tomorrow. Aaliya starts preparing for her first Karwa Chauth. Aadi apologizes to her for being rude with her, yesterday. She tells him that she is not upset. Aadi tells her that she can cheat a little if she feels hungry. She says it’s her first Karwa Chauth and she wants to follow all the rituals properly.

Next morning, Kiran comes to Bhalla house to eat Sargi. Mr. Bhalla asks Santoshi not to observe any fast for him as it might affect her health. Param brings Sargi for Simmi. Everyone gets surprised to see him. Santoshi asks Simmi if she is also planning to observe the fast. She tells them that she is keeping it for Ananya’s sake. Param asks them if they can go inside and have Sargi. Santoshi allows them. He goes straight to Ruhi’s room and gives Sargi to Ruhi. Simmi gets surprised to see her all dressed up. She asks her how will she break her fast. Ruhi tells her that she will break the fast with Nikhil’s picture.

Ruhi tells Simmi that Param has changed a lot. Simmi tells her that Ananya’s love has brought many changes in him. Param overhears their conversation and smirks thinking about the material he has mixed in their Sargi. Raman brings Gajre for Ishita. She tells him that she is really happy to see Ruhi working on the office presentation. Romi organizes games for all the family members so that they do not feel hungry. Ishita goes and calls Ruhi. Santoshi asks Ruhi to have some fruits. She refuses to have them.

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