Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Ishqbaaz 10th October: Shivaay Anika, Om Gauri celebrate their first Karva chaut

Episode starts with Shivaay and Anika doing their Karwa Chauth Puja, Oberoi family does the Puja. Gauri sees Dilpreet aka Omkara in the Chashni, Bhavya sees Rudra’s photo through chunri. Some time back… Anika tries to overhear Shivaay and Khanna’s conversation.
Anika tries to follow Shivaay. Shivaay keeps a love card without a name. Anika sees it and gets confused. Anika runs away, Shivaay gets happy. Tanya removes a knife from the drawer in Shivaay’s room. Shivaay makes the drama of eating Aaloo paratha in front of Anika, she adds in the drama. Khanna gives a parcel to Shivaay, Anika gets curious and opens it but gets sad to see repairing stuff. Shivaay teases Anika happily. Bhavya asks her friend to hack the data of the company where Abhay’s number belongs, Bhavya feels weak as she has not eaten anything since night.

Gauri feels sad, her friend thinks that she is missing Omkara on Karwa Chauth. Gauri remembers Omkara’s words and gets sad but covers up in front of her friend. Omkara tries to find out Gauri’s whereabouts and gets determined to get Gauri back. Gauri gets ready for Karwa Chauth Puja sadly, Omkara takes avatar of a Sardar. Bhavya’s friend hacks the data but before she can see the company name someone throws a stone at them and runs away. Oberoi family gets ready for the Karwa Chauth Puja. Anika arranges diyas, Shivaay comes with the card, Anika questions him but gets irritated with Shivaay. Pinky and Jhanvi wait for the moon. Shivaay reminds Anika of previous Karwa Chauth. Shivaay and Anika tease each other. Shivaay shows the card to Tanya, Anika gets furious. Tanya gets restless, Anika questions her if she is getting late for somewhere. Tanya covers up saying she is waiting for the moon. Tanya remembers her conversation with the blackmailer.


Shivaay pulls Anika away before Tanya can see her. Shivaay tells Anika to meet in the garage in 5 minutes and gives her a cheek kiss, Anika gets conscious. Bhavya tries to catch the man, he turns out to be Abhay. Abhay escapes by pushing Bhavya, she becomes unconscious. Gauri’s friend says he will make a video call to Omkara so that Gauri can break her fast, Gauri says he is out and not reachable. She says Omkara is in her mind, she can see him anytime. Anika leaves for the garage, Tanya walks after Anika and says enough is enough. Anika sees Shivaay in the car lights, all the lights go on and the garage is seen decorated. Anika feels happy, Shivaay gives her the card. Tanya gets in the car, FB shows Tanya with the knife and then the car key. She drives away. Shivaay’s card bears Anika’s name, she gets happy. Anika says thank you to Shivaay. Bell rings, Gauri opens the door and happens to hold Chalni in front of her. 

People sprinkle water on Bhavya, she regains consciousness. Shivaay and Anika do the karwa Chauth puja. Oberoi family does the Puja, Gauri sees Omkara through Chalni, Bhavya sees Rudra’s poster through chunri. Gauri gets shocked, Bhavya drinks water. Shivaay kisses Anika’s hands but starts getting unconscious, Anika feeds Shivaay water. Anika scolds Shivaay for fasting and missing the tablets. Shivaay feeds water to Anika. Anika cries, Shivaay and Anika share a sweet moment. Omkara tells Gauri he is Dilpreet Singh and talks and acts like a Sardar. Gauri finds his voice familiar, Omkara covers up, Gauri gets confused. Shivaay and Anika feed each other happily. Tanya thinks Abhay did not come to meet her and tries to commit suicide, Abhay stops her. Abhay and Tanya hug each other, FB shows Abhay’s entry in Oberoi Mansion and his actions against Bhavya. Tanya remembers her entry in Oberoi Mansion and Shivaay’s accident. 

Abhay tells Tanya that Oberoi family snatched his right and everything from him and he will snatch everything from them, Tanya asks how, Abhay says Shivaay is his key to destroy everything.

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