Monday, 11 September 2017

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11 September Full Written Update: Karthik goes missing on his and Naira’s first Teej

Manish asks his staff to find Karthik (Mohsin Khan) anyhow. A bunch of keys fall from Suvarna’s hands as Luv and Kush come rushing towards her. She snatches it from them as soon they pick it up. Naira lights up the Teej function with her dance performance. Suvarna prays to God and asks him to send Karthik to Naira (Shivangi Joshi). Police inspector comes to Goenka house with Karthik’s watch and wallet. Naitik’s friend calls him and tells him that Karthik has met with an accident. Naitik goes in a shock. Naksh asks him what’s wrong. Naitik tells him that Karthik has met with an accident. Naira overhears their conversation and faints.

Naitik reaches the hospital with Naksh and Yash. Naksh asks Manish why didn’t they tell him about Karthik’s accident before. Akhilesh tells them that they themselves got to know about it just a few hours back. Police Inspector tells them that Karthik has gone into comma after getting multiple injuries during the accident. Manish and others run towards the ICU and tell the inspector that the person lying on the bed is not Karthik. Manish tells the the inspector that the watch and wallet were Karthik’s but the person who is in coma is not his son. The inspector tells them that it might be a case of robbery. The gents go with the inspector to the accident location.

Naira opens her eyes. Ananya tells her that Karthik has not met with an accident and asks her to calm down. Naira lights a lamp and starts praying to God. Naitik and Manish get shocked to find Karthik’s car in a damaged state. Suvarna,Suhasini, Surekha and Keerti go to Singhania house and get to know that Naira has left to look for him in a car. Suhasini gets worried and says that she has not eaten anything since morning and she was also upset because of the fight they had. Kaveri and Deviyani ask her which fight is she talking about. They tell them everything. Kaveri gets upset to know that Karthik and Naira fought a day before their first Teej.

Suvarna asks them not to worry and tells them that it was Naira who found Karthik from the sand storm on the day of their marriage and today also she will not return home without finding him. Naitik gets angry to know that Naira has left the house in a car. Akhilesh asks him to calm down and says that Naira will definitely bring him back. Naira reaches the accident site and gets disheartened to see his damaged car.

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