Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26 September Full Written Update: Ruhi accepts a job offer at Raman’s rival company

Aaliya asks Aadi to return Ruhi’s projects to her as he cannot deny the fact that she has put in a lot of efforts in the projects. Aadi asks her not to interfere in his office matters and says that she knows she is taking Ruhi’s side because Nikhil is her friend. She asks him how can he be so unreasonable. Shagun hears their entire conversation on the phone and decides to throw Nikhil out of Ruhi’s life.
Simmi recalls Ruhi and Aadi’s fight and thinks if Raman (Karan Patel) can actually differentiate between Ananya and his children in future. Raman calls Ruhi and asks her how dare she accept his rival company’s job offer. Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) asks her if what he is saying is true. Ruhi agrees. Ishita asks her how can she do this. Ruhi says that she had no other option left. 

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Raman asks her to shut up and says she has no right to shout in his house. He blames Ishita for everything. Raman forbids Ruhi from entering his office premises. Romi and Simmi ask him to calm down. He says she will be insulted and thrown out of Pihu industries if she will be spotted there in future.

Ishita tells Ruhi that she is wrong this time. Ruhi goes and asks her to sign on the NOC papers as she is the director of the company. Ishita tells her that she cannot leave the company just like that and she will have to serve a notice period. Ruhi asks her why is she doing this with her. Ishita tells her that she didn’t expect this from her. She tells her that she has not been selected on her merit by her new boss but because she knows all the secrets of Pihu Industries. She asks her to meet her at the office tomorrow. Ruhi gets confused.

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Next morning, Mihika tells Romi that they must renovate their room. Romi tells her that how can she even think of all this when such a big fight is going on in their family. Mihika explains to him that they should not interfere in their matter as he might consider Ruhi as his daughter but she doesn’t consider him as her father. Simmi comes and tells her that Ruhi is also their daughter. Mihika leaves. Raman calls a lawyer to Bhalla house. Ishita gets worried.

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