Friday, 15 September 2017

Naamkaran 15th September Full Written Update

Neil checks the files and tells DD that he wants Juhi’s accident file. Neil is very worried for Juhi as she is amongst criminals. Avni asks Neil to relax as he is very tensed. Neil thinks that Avni is so nice as she wants to get Juhi back in his life although she knows their past love connection.
DD tells Neil that Avni is very nice. Neil says that Juhi is his past and Avni is his present. Neil says he loves only Avni. Avni shows Neil and DD some details in the file and puts the past incident reports on a wall. Neil recalls all the past incidents. Neil says that the body that Avni found was not Ali’s. Avni is filled with hope thinking that Ali must be alive. Balu brings back Juhi to Jaguda Rang Mahal.
Guruma scolds Juhi for trying to run away. Balu tells Guruma that Neil was running after Juhi. Juhi says that if she wanted to run away she would have taken the policeman’s help. Juhi says that Dayawanti had asked her to meet Avni. Guruma gets furious. Dayawanti gets information that Neil was very upset as he saw Juhi. Dayawanti wonders what connection Neil has with Juhi/Meher. Dayawanti hopes Neil does not reach them. Amol tells her that he has kept his man in lab to tamper Ali’s DNA reports.
Amol reaches the lab and they don’t allow him inside. Amol start off a false fire alarm. Neil and Avni reach the lab. Neil gets the reports and realizes that the DNA does not match Ali. Amol gets kidnapped. Neil thinks that he believed Juhi’s death as her reports too were false. Neil is very sad and Avni consoles him. Neil says that he could not do anything to save Juhi. Avni assures Neil that they will find Juhi and save her. 
Dayawanti gets a call from Amol asking her to save him. Guruma tells Dayawanti to come to Rang Mahal to save her grandson. Dayawanti asks Guruma to spare Amol. Avni gets dressed and Neil asks him to stay away from the case as it is dangerous. Avni says that she is ready to take risk as she wants to save Ali and Juhi. Neil warns Avni to follow his orders. Guruma scolds Dayawanti for trying to take away Meher from her. Guruma asks Dayawanti to beg for forgiveness by rubbing her nose to the ground. Dayawanti touches Guruma’s feet and seeks forgiveness. Dayawanti thinks to find the truth about Meher and then she will make Guruma seek forgiveness. Neil and Avni are outside the Rang Mahal with other policemen. The men at Rang Mahal check every car which arrives. Avni is hidden in one of the car and the man is about to check but Guruma stops the man. Dayawanti tells Amol that she will not spare Meher and Guruma. Avni escapes from the car and enters Rang Mahal. Daya sees someone’s shadow and moves ahead to look. Neil is angry as Avni went without his permission. Daya and Avni come face to face.
Precap: Neil tells DD to prepare for extra force if needed. Neil hears Balu saying that people will come to Jaguda next day to get soil for Goddess idol and therefore they need to increase security.

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