Friday, 15 September 2017

Ishqbaaz 15th September Full Written Update: Shivaay Video confession to Anika

Episode starts with Shivaay making his love confession for Anika through video. Some time back… Shivaay gets worried as Anika’s number is not reachable and decides to write her letter. Shivaay asks Khanna to get a beautiful paper.

Omkara gets disturbed thinking about Gauri, Omkara’s guests advises Omkara against Gauri, Omkara gets annoyed. Guests tell Omkara that Gauri is not fit for him. Omkara thinks that he knew this would happen and hence he did not want Gauri to come over. Shivaay gets annoyed with Khanna as he gets News Paper. Khanna teases Shivaay. Pinky meets Svetlana and seeks her help. Kaveri denies to be Svetlana, Pinky tells Svetlana that Pinky can help Svetlana for her motive. Shivaay thinks of words to write and keeps rephrasing the words, changing the pen.
Dadi catches Shivaay while writing the letter and teases him, Shivaay hides the letter. Shivaay feels awkward and asks Dadi to leave so that he can write. Shivaay feels unconvinced with the letter and decides to record a video message for Anika. Shivaay records his feelings and love for Anika on the video message. Shivaay remembers all the moments with Anika and narrates on the video. Shivaay feels that he is the luckiest man on the entire globe because he has Anika with him.

Shivaay tells Anika that he is in love with her. Shivaay promises to take away Anika’s sorrows. Shivaay gets emotional and says Anika has made him Ishqbaaz. Rudra tries to call Bhavya and remembers Bhavya’s words. Gauri cries remembering the exhibition event and Omkara’s words. Omkara sees Gauri crying, she goes away and cries alone. 
Gauri ponders over her relationship with Omkara an blames herself. Gauri feels unfit for Omkara. Svetlana scolds Tej for helping Oberoi family, Svetlana blacmail Tej and pushes him, Jhanvi sees them and comes running. Kaveri covers up, Jhanvi decides to something for Tej. Shakti confronts Pinky over her actions and scolds her for talking to Svetlana. Pinky defends herself. Shakti gets annoyed and leaves, Pinky says she will do what she has to do. Doctor checks Peter’s knee, Jhanvi gets worried. Kaveri leaves to make Dosa. Kaveri cooks in the kitchen, Svetlana hears something on the phone where Tej suddenly stops Jhanvi and writes that Svetlana can hear everything and that Svetlana has proofs against Tej and Jhanvi. Svetlana tries to check on them and sees Jahnvi taking Tej somewhere in the car. Svetlana follows Jhanvi’s car where Jhanvi talks to Tej’s dummy, Svetlana hears Jahnvi’s words. Svetlana sees Jahnvi’s car stopped and tries to look for them in a close by bunglow. Svetlana follows Jhanvi’s voice inside the bunglow and calls for Peter. Jahnvi comes in and locks the door. Jhanvi tells Svetlana to tell her motive. Jhanvi says she won’t leave and won’t allow Svetlana to leave till she utters her motive.


Anika’s Bua comes in Oberoi Mansion and makes drama as Pinky throws her out, Shivaay holds Bua and brings her in. Shivaay feeds the Chawl people, Shivaay offers money to Bua for Sahil’s custody.

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