Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Ishqbaaz 13th September Full Update

Episode starts with Shivaay, Omkara, Gauri, Rudra and Bhavya keeping an eye on Svetlana, Rudra asys Svetlana is eyeing the Shiv Parvati idol, Svetlana turns off the light, everyone looks for Svetlana, Bhavya finds a peice of the duplicate key.
Some time back… Dadi scolds Pinky about some mysterious reason and tells Pinky to keep her mouth shut. Anika overhears Dadi and Pinky’s conversation, Dadi sees Anika and changes the topic. Anika gets a call and gets shocked. Bhavya tells Gauri about plan against Svetlana. Gauri offers help, Omkara praises Gauri. Om and Gauri share a moment, Omkara notices Gauri’s upset mood, Gauri covers up. Omkara feels confused about Gauri. Bhavya and Rudra argue over Rudra’s plan of wearing military uniform for Svetlana mission.

Svetlana tells Tej that she has to execute her mission in the night, Tej feels proud of Omkara, Svetlana tells Tej to divert his family’s attention. Rudra praises Dadi for arranging Photoshoot function. Bhavya gives handsfree to Rudra for the mission. Jhanvi asks Peter to be like Tej for the Photo shoot, Tej agrees. Svetlana warns Tej about his task. Oberoi family gathers for the photo, Dadi gets emotional seeing Tej. Shivaay tells Dadi that Anika has gone to Sahil’s school as he is unwell and hence family photo shoot cannot happen.

Tej gets the music started to give diversion to Svetlana, Tej dances with everyone, Tej tells Bhavya to follow Svetlana secreatly, bhavya notifies everyone, the lights go off, everyone takes the position. Bhavya tells everyone to just keep an eye on Svetlana and not to stop her. Rudra hears Svetlana and then sees her. Svetlana goes towards the kuldevta idol with the keys, Bhavya rushes to be with Rudra, Svetlana feels happy to have reached her secret, Svetlana realizes the key is duplicate and remembers past events. Svetlana gets angry and sees Rudra’s reflection, Svetlana realizes she is trapped and blows off the Diya, power comes back, Gauri says Svetlana is sleeping in her room, Bhavya finds a piece of broken key. Svetlana gets furious, Tej enters, Svetlana tells Tej about the duplicate key. Shivaay and team look for a clue. Svetlana gets suspicious about Tej, Svetlana hits Tej’s knee. Oberoi brothers realize that Svetlana will not leave, Svetlana tortures Tej and warns Tej not to help Oberoi family. Next morning Shivaay wishes Omkara for his Art Exhibition and advises Omkara to take Gauri along and introduce Gauri to his world. 

Svetlana brings hurt knee, Jhanvi asks Omkara to let Peter and Kaveri stay, Omkara agrees. Shivaay asks Gauri to go to Omkara’s exhibition, Gauri hesitates. Gauri feels that Omkara feels she is inferior to him, Shivaay denies and asks Gauri to go for the exhibition. Shivaay tells Gauri to get look the best. Bhavya looks at the broken key piece, Rudra comes and asks Bhavya to pay her, Bhavya blames Rudra for the failure of their plan, Bhavya refuses to pay salary to Rudra. Bhavya remind Rudra that it is the last day of his challenge, Rudra gets flustered. Dadi tells Shakti that Peter is none other than Tej and worries for him. Shakti consoles Dadi and assures her. Shivaay checks on Sahil while talking to Anika. Pinky asks Dadi for having a function for Shivaay and Anika. Pinky says she cannot break away from Shivaay for Anika, Pinky asks Dadi to convince Shivaay for the function. Dadi agrees to speak to Shivaay and leaves. Pinky feels happy with a evil motive.


Rudra tells Shivaay that he needs to proove that he is the man to Bhavya, Shivaay refuses, Shivaay says Rudra needs help of a doctor.

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