Saturday, 26 August 2017

Shocking! Pinky's lie on Shivaay, Mahi's birth truth revealed in Ishqbaaz Maha Episode

Star Plus Ishqbaaz all for a mind-blowing twist ahead. In the upcoming track it will be seen that Shivaay will get to know that he is Mother is real enemy of his life. 
Upcoming episode viewers will get to know Shivaay wants to know the reason due to which Anika left him so he makes master plan for knowing that reason.
Shivaay confronts Anika and tells her that he has come to know the reason due to which she left him, Anika gets tensed.
Shivaay find out about the Pinky blackmail Anika over  and that's the reason she has to leave him.

You will get to see Shivaay lashes out at Pinky for separating him from Anika.
Then Shivaay gets to know that Pinky behind all this mess, and she blackmailed Anika over his illegitimate truth therefore she left him because she does not wanted him to get hurt after knowing illegitimate truth.
 Shivaay gets stunned hearing all this, later he accuses Pinky for blackmailing Anika and then he breaks all relations with her.
Shivaay confront Piky about her lie to Anika regarding Shivaay's birth. 
The truth is Shivaay and Mahi are Pinky's son and that's the reason Pinky confidently blackmailed Aika.

Pinky stunned as Shivaay refuses to call her mother after what she has done with him.
Shivaay could not handle these two shocking truths therefore he finally decides to leave Oberoi mansion.

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