Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Ishqbaaz 8 August episode: Anika accepts Shivaay’s challenge and agrees to marry Vikram

Anika  (Surbhi Chandna) asks Shivaay  (Nakuul Mehta) why does he want him to get married to Vikram in two weeks. He tells her that she wants to get married to him and he is just arranging it for her. He says that he has been asking her a question since three months and she has been telling him that she is getting married to someone. She asks him if it it’s affecting him. He says she had started this joke and he is just playing along. He tells her that he can call off all this if she tells her the entire truth. Anika takes up the challenge and says she will get married to him in two weeks. Omkara eagerly waits for Gauri’s call. Shivaay and Omkara go and beat up Rudra for giving them such bad ideas.
Anika sees Shivaay’s messy hair and moves forward to comb them but stops her self. She says she doesn’t have the right to do it now. Shivaay holds her hand and stops her. Anika reminds him that he doesn’t have the right to hold her hand now. Shivaay once again tells her that he can still call off the wedding. Anika asks him to say whatever he wants to tell her without doing all this drama. Shivaay asks her if she is ready for the marriage. Anika tells her that she is ready for it.

Anika goes and shares her problems with Bhavya. She asks her how can Shivaay believe that she could marry someone else. Bhavya tells her that he is devastated, angry and jealous and that is why he himself doesn’t know what is he doing. Shivaay decides to create such situations for Anika that she herself requests him to call of the wedding. Anika tells Bhavya that she won’t be able to stretch this lie any further. She says only Shivaay can handle all this now.
Rudra calls Guari and asks her to help him reunite Shivaay and Anika. She agrees to come back to Oberoi Mansion. Rudra sees Bhavya working on her plan and asks if he can help. She says she doesn’t need his help. Rudra holds her hand and stops her. He tells her that he wants to help her as a friend. Bhavya tells her that she cannot afford to put his life in danger. She tells him that she doesn’t want to stay dependent on someone and asks him to stay away from all this. He brings coffee for her. Rudra asks her what is that one topic that they can talk on. They ask each other about their past relationships. Rudra tells her that he has had 50 girl friends in his life. Bhavya tells him that she is more experienced than him as she is older than him.

Ragini comes to meet Anika and brings gifts for her. Anika asks her why is she doing all this. She tells her that it’s her engagement, today. Anika gets shocked. Ragini tells her that Shivaay has bought all this and he has just asked her to give it to her. Ragini tells Anika that she is really lucky that her ex-husband is doing all this for her. She says she can’t wait to get married to Shivaay. She asks Anika if she needs her help to get ready. Anika shuts the door on her face. Dadi asks Pinky to speak to Shivaay. Pinky says for the first time Shivaay is doing something right. Omkara comes there. Dadi tells him that Shivaay is getting Anika and Vikram engaged today and asks him to stop it somehow. Omkara goes to Rudra and tells him that they will have to tell the truth to Shivaay.
Rudra asks Omkara to wait as he has called someone. Pinky goes and tells Anika that she was right in thinking that she was always behind wealth. Anika tells her that she couldn’t understand her. She tells her that she has realised that she doesn’t love Shivaay and she did all this just to fulfill her ego. ACP calls Bhavya and tells her that she will soon have to leave on a secret mission to find Sultan. Gauri returns. Omkara gets happy to see her. She tells him that she has come back because Rudra had called her. She says she has just returned as this house’s daughter-in-law. Omkara realises that she hasn’t forgiven him yet. ACP calls Bhavya and asks her not to leave right now as Sultan is after her. Shivaay’s manager tells her that Shivaay has taken her car as he had to go somewhere urgently. Sultan puts her car on target. 

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