Friday, 4 August 2017

Ishqbaaz 4 August : Anika tells Shivaay that Vikramaditya Thapar is her fiance!

Ishqbaaz starts with Anika (Surbhi Chandna) telling Omkara (Kunal Jaisingh) and Rudra (Leenesh Mattoo) that she has mentioned a fake fiance. The brothers scold her. Anika says she is in a fix. They tell her to be truthful to Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta). Anika says how can SSO even think that I am engaged? She says she made an opinion about me without even knowing the truth. She asks them for help. Rudra says from where do we get the guy. We are introduced to Vikramaditya Thapar, who is a famous business personality. Anika gets a call from Saahil’s school where the principal says it is raining and she cannot send the children home. On the road, Vikram sees Anika and is totally floored by her beauty. He ends up crashing his car with a wall. The crowd rushes to rescue him and so does Anika. She calls up the doctor for help. Omkara is trying to make a painting but fails. 
He remembers how Gauri (Shrenu Parikh) tried to inspire him and feels dejected. Ae Dil Hai Mushkil plays in the background. Both Rudra and Om are missing their girls. Rudra is breaking eggs in Bhavya’s memory. Om sees an ad for a panipuri shop in the papers and misses Gauri. He remembers how he hurt her and caused her immense pain. Shivaay asks his brothers what are they feeling? They say we are guilty. He asks them if they are missing the girls or not. SSO tells them to follow their heart and find the girls. Om says Gauri is untraceable and tells Rudra to go to Meerut for Bhavya (Mansi Srivastava). He tells them to save their relationship and leave nothing for regret. The brothers get inspired.

In the hospital, the doctor tells Anika that Vikram is fine. The nurses are singing praises of Vikramaditya Thapar. He comes out and sees Anika. She asks him if he is fine? He says I saw you and met with an accident. Vikram says I could not see anything else after seeing you. Anika thinks he is weird. Rudra has reached Meerut. In the Oberoi Mansion, Anika sees Shivaay in the hall and hides. She thinks if he spots her, he will again start about her fake fiance. Anika hides behind the sofa and SSO is sitting there. She crawls and barges into SSO. He asks her if she is playing hide and seek. Anika says she has foot problem. In order to distract him, she says Saahil is not coming home. She says I have to buy Rakhis for Rakshabandhan. SSO asks her about her fiance.
Rudra knocks Bhavya’s door and she shuts it. He says he wants to talk to her. Bhavya is crying inside. Rudra says I know everything and tells her to open the door. He says we need to talk. Bhavya does not relent. She says she does not want to talk. Shivaay asks Anika about the name of her fiance. He says you gave me so many names. Anika says him why is he interested in her fiance. Shivaay adamantly asks her about name of her fiance. Anika’s eyes fall on a business magazine that has Vikram’s picture. She says he is my fiance. Shivaay says this guy, Vikramaditya Thapar is your fiance. Ragini comes there and says are you actually with Vikramaditya Thapar? Ragini (Additi Gupta) says this is great news that you are dating this construction magnate. Ragini asks Anika more about Vikram. Anika says Vikram is very large-hearted and spends a lot of money on charities. She says she spends on marathons. Anika thinks will Shivaay believe that Vikram is actually my fiance.

Anika is sitting in a room when SSO walks in asking you forget me so soon. Anika is stunned. Shivaay says doesn’t Vikram miss you now that you are living with ex-husband. He says I would killed my fiance if she was living with her ex. He gives his phone and tells Anika to call Vikram. She says he is travelling. SSO insists and Anika picks up the phone. She fiddles with it. Shivaay asks her why is she lying? He says you are dragging lies. Anika storms off and Shivaay breaks his phone.
Svetlana (Reyhna Malhotra) and Jhanvi (Mreenal Deshraj) are making tea. Jhanvi gets call from home and says she has to go home. Svetlana tells Jhnavi not to believe in Tej’s ghost and live with her. But Jhanvi does not believe it. She sees a message written with ketchup on the fridge. The ladies get scared. Svetlana tells Tej (Mahesh Thakur) is planning to kill her as he did not die. Omkara imagines that Gauri has come back and is encouraging him to restart work on his painting. When he realises it is just his imagination, he feels bad. Svetlana gets surprised when she sees the curtains of her room blowing without the fan. She gets worried but decides to find out who is responsible. She gets close to the window and closes it. We see Tej on the other side on the window. He has locked Svetlana inside. When she steps out, she cannot see him. Later, we see him disappearing in the mist. Svetlana tells Jhanvi, and says she saw his spirit.
We see Gauri on the road. She is trying to get a job somewhere but fails. She reads a news item that says that Omkara is finally participating in the art exhibition and feels happy about it. She thanks God. At night, Svetlana again sees Tej’s ghost, which tells her that she will be dead. Jhanvi cannot see the ghost though. Svetlana tells Jhanvi to check inside the room to see Tej. She walks ahead and sees him. The whole flashback of his murder is shown. We see Tej holding Jhanvi’s hand and signalling her. She tells Svetlana that she is imagining the ghost. Svetlana gets scared. Tej and Jhanvi exchange looks. At night, Jhanvi sees Tej’s ghost and tells him to come inside without fear. He walks in and tells her that he is loving being a ghost. He asks Jhanvi about how convinced Svetlana is about him being a ghost. Tej tells Jhanvi that Svetlana is dangerous and has papers to blackmail him. Jhanvi says I will take out the papers. Tej thanks Jhanvi for being his support and hugs her.
Bhavya wakes up on a sofa and is surprised to see herself there. She thinks of Rudra and opens the door. Outside, she finds his jacket and holds it close. The chip comes out from the jacket. She plays it on her laptop and sees Rudra’s message. He tells her that the chip is with him, and she has to come to Mumbai to get it back.

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