Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Ishqbaaz 23 August: Anika feels helpless as Shivaay refuses to budge

Anika (Surbhi Chandna) looks at Shivaay’s  (Nakuul Mehta) name inscribed on her palm with a heavy heart.Shivaay decides to talk to her and moves forward. His phone falls and he bends down to pick it up. Anika turns around and says that finally he is on his knees. He tells her that he was just picking his phone. She asks why can’t he just accept his mistake. He says why doesn’t she accept hers. Anika reminds him of Ragini. Shivaay tells him that he is ready to accept his mistake and asks her to accept hers.

She asks what did she do. He tells her that her one decision broke their marriage. He asks if that wasn’t a mistake. He says his name might be on her palm today, but she is going to become someone else’s wife. Anika tells him that she is ready to accept that her decision was wrong. She asks him how long does he want to stretch all this.She reminds him that it’s her wedding tomorrow. She says that if they cannot take their relationship forward then they should probably end it. She tells him that she knows he will never be able to say it because of his ego and hence asks him to keep his engagement ring on the pole by 11 am tomorrow.

Anika shares her feelings with Gauri.She tells her that she had never even imagined that her and Shivaay’s relation will reach this junction. Gauri tells her that she should tell the entire truth to Shivaay. Anika tells her that if she could have done that, she would have done it long back. She says that Shivaay is her last hope now as only he can cancel this wedding. Anika and Shivaay spend the entire night in their respective rooms, looking at the moon and reminiscing their past.
Next morning, Pinky brings bridal lehenga and jewelry for Anika and tells her that Shivaay has sent it for her. Anika gets upset. Pinky makes fun of her and says that she lost this challenge,too. Omkara hears everything and asks Pinky why did she lie to Anika. She tells him that everyone knows that Shivaay is sponsoring her wedding. Anika tells herself that Shivaay will never let her go away from her.

Gauri goes and asks Shivaay to keep his ego aside and call off this wedding. He tells her that he is not doing this out of anger but just fear. He tells her that he doesn’t want the truth that seperated his love from him to come between them again and hence he wants to throw it away from it’s very root. Gauri hugs Shivaay and tells him that she has lost all hopes and is extremely scared. Shivaay tells her that everything will eventually fall into place. Pinky asks Anika to get ready.
Bhavya scares Rudra with a gun as he tries to flirt with her. He steals her police badge. Bhavya tries to snatch it from him. It falls outside. Bhavya gets scared about being recognized. They go down and get shocked not to find it on the floor. They get shocked to see it burning in front of them with other garbage. She gets relieved that it didn’t get in someone else’s hand. Rudra smirks.

Bhavya sees the man from a distance and tells Rudra that he is not Sultan. They get shocked to see her police ID in Sultan’s hand. Sultan tells Bhajrangi that there is an under cover cop amongst them. Bhajrangi identifies Bhavya’s image and tells him that it’s Laachi. Sultan asks him to prepone the wedding by a day. A woman comes there and tells Sultan that Bhavya couldn’t have entered the village if Bhajrangi would have been more careful and kills him. Bhavya and Rudra get shocked.
Kaka tells Rudra that they will have to fake a wedding so that they can buy time until the police comes. Rudra gets happy to know that he will get married to Bhavya.

Jhanvi asks Tej that why are they running away. She asks him if he has murdered Naren. He gets shocked and asks her if she has done it. They both tell each other that they haven’t murdered him. They get scared as a police van passes by. Tej sees a check post ahead and asks Jhanvi to behave normally. Police officer informs them that a murder has happened in the town and they have got to know that there are two murderers. Tej tells them that they have just come out for a drive. He lets them go.

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