Friday, 11 August 2017

Ishqbaaz 11 August: Shivaay returns home and gets Vikram along, Gauri tie raki on Shivaay

Ishqbaaz starts with Rudra (Leenesh Mattoo) making enquiries about Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta). When Pinky asks him what happened, he says if you want a mother’s respect, then fulfill a mom’s duties. Pinky (Nikita Anand) scolds him for taunting her. Pinky says what I am doing is for the betterment of the family. Rudra says breaking relations is how how you build a home. He says there is no trace of Shivaay. Rudra sees Anika (Surbhi Chandna) sitting hugging Shivaay’s jacket. She is weeping badly. Rudra asks Anika if she is crying. She says dirt entered my eyes. He becomes quiet and cries. He says dirt even entered my eyes. Anika asks him what the commissioner said. Rudra says there is no information so far but Bhaiyaa will be back soon. Anika says we are worrying without a reason. Rudra asks Anika what is Pari’s feeder doing in SSO’s room. He tells them how he managed to retrieve the feeder from Tej. He tries to make her laugh by reminding her of the cake party on his birthday. Rudra says I was angry then, but now I laugh about it. He says when Bhaiyya returns, we will laugh about how we worried now.

Bhavya (Mansi Srivastava) sees all this and smiles. Gauri (Shrenu Parikh) tells Anika to have faith and pray to God. Suddenly, Anika feels that SSO has returned. She runs from the mandir to the hall but she does not see Shivaay. Suddenly, the door opens and we see Shivaay outside. He walks in. O Jaana plays in the background. Anika apologises to Shivaay for everything. She says she was only harassing him. Anika calls herself stupid and says her ego is an obstacle in their love. Anika says she is thrilled to see him back. She says she was scared and scolds him why she did not call up. Anika says I will confess everything to you and our life is precious. Shivaay tells Anika that he went to Nashik for her and there was no blast in the car. He says I went to get Vikram so that I can get you engaged. We see Vikram walking inside. Anika is shocked to see him. All the family members come to SSO. Pinky hugs him and cries. Rudra tells SSO that they were worried when they got the news of the car blast. It is revealed that Shivaay left the car mi-day and boarded a chopper. When Pinky asks him why he went, he says I went to get Vikram for his engagement with Anika. Pinky talks badly about Anika in front of Vikram. Shakti reminds Pinky of how Anika has always saved Shivaay.

Shivaay says he is fine and says Anika must be happy to see Shivaay. Vikram apologises but SSO tells him to chuck it. He taunts Anika if she is happy with the engagement news. Saahil comes out and says SSO. Shivaay goes and hugs him. He asks him why he got late? Shivaay says he was stuck. Saahil asks Anika what is wrong. Shivaay tells him everything will be fine. Saahil says he has full confidence in him to set things right. Shivaay kisses him. Anika confronts SSO in the bedroom. She tells him to stop the drama. Shivaay says I am fulfilling my responsibility even if it means getting my ex wife remarried. Shivaay tells her that he told her to tell the truth but she kept quiet. He says be honest, and I will stop everything. Anika tells him to forget it. Shivaay says you are being stubborn and not revealing the truth. She tells him to trust her. Shivaay says I trusted you, which is why I ended up like a loser. He says we had a perfect life but you ruined everything with your silence. Shivaay says we cannot move on, until I know the truth. Anika is adamant. SSO says it is about us.

He says you only want to marry Vikram. Anika says how can you think like that. He says then why is she being dishonest? Anika, in tears, tells him to make her marriage arrangements. Shivaay looks on. Gauri and Rudra overhear this and get stressed. Jhanvi (Mreenal Deshraj) tells Tej (Mahesh Thakur) that she is glad that all the proofs are destroyed. Tej says it is shocking that Svetlana believed that I was a ghost. Rudra tells SSO to forget his ego, and not put his love at stake. He says you saw Anika crying. Shivaay says if Anika really wanted, she could have saved our relationship. Shivaay says she said I have no right. Rudra tells him to distance his ego and think from his heart. He reminds him how he told her to follow his heart in Bhavya’s case. SSO says it is too late, she has moved on. Anika is crying in her room. Saahil enters and asks her why she is doing all this. He says I know you both love each other. Gauri tells SSO that Anika was devastated in his absence. She tells him not to punish himself. Shivaay says I cannot tolerate if someone hurts my family, he says I know there is a reason but she is not revealing. He says trust is important for a relationship and it is not present in our case.

Anika tells Saahil that she took a decision for his happiness. He says both of you love your families to hilt. Saahil says I am proud of you. he ties a Rakhi on her. They hug. Gauri reminds Shivaay how he brought her back home when she was about to leave. She says I had decided to tie Rakhi on you this year. They have an emotional moment. Gauri ties Rakhi on him. He blesses her and says no one can refuse her. He asks her what gift she wants. He says you can share anything, even complain about husband. Gauri says I don’t have that right, he does not accept me as wife. She says there are many misunderstandings between us. Gauri says I have become bahu, but not biwi. Shivaay says I will ensure that Om gives you wife status. Tej and Jhanvi drive down to Manali. He says this is a break for us. Jhanvi gets a message from Rudra that reads that SSO was missing and now he is back. Tej takes Jhanvi to a bungalow. She does not want to stay there as it is too isolated. 
No one opens the door. They decide to wait outside for friend. Someone sees Tej from the shrubs. The door suddenly opens and they walk in. Jhanvi likes the place but says how did the room open suddenly. She gets worried. Svetlana makes a call to someone and says she will teach them a lesson.

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