Thursday, 6 July 2017

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6 July: Bala gets shocked to find Raman sleeping at Kiran’s house

Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) calls Bala and asks if Raman (Karan Patel) is with him. He tells her that he must be busy in a meeting and will call her back once he gets free. Bala sees Raman’s car parked outside a flat and checks the register. He knocks on Kiran Bhatnagar’s door and starts going iside. She stops him. He asks her to go back to Bangalore and not create a scene. He says he knows why has she come here. He asks where is Kiran. She tells him he is sleeping inside. Bala gets shocked.

Bala goes and wakes up Raman. Raman gets shocked to realize that he slept off at Kiran’s house. Raman goes inside to freshen up. Bala asks Kiran to behave herself. Karan reaches Bhalla house to see off Aadi and Aaliya. Shagun comes there and tells Aaliya that she has booked a presendential suite for them at one of the poshest hotels of Mumbai. Aaliya gets emebarassed thinking about Ishita’s booking. Ishita asks her not to worry and says Shagun’s hotel is better.

Ishita teases Raman for dozing off at Kiran’s house. Raman says it’s because of the medicine he had. Raman praises Kiran and tells Ishita that she is multi talented. Ishita says all the women are multi talented. Raman teases her and asks if she is feeling jealous. Pihu comes there and says she wants to sleep with them. Ishita gets worried.

Aadi brings breakfast for Aaliya. Aaliya gets happy and says she feels like staying here forever. Aadi gets a call from Taneja and tells Aaliya that he will have to go to office. He asks her to go for shopping and promises her that he will take her to a pub in the eveneing. She gets happy.

Ishita and Ruhi  (Aditi Bhatia) meet the principal and discuss about Pihu. Ruhi asks if she can come to school for some days to keep a watch on her. Ishita suggests her to take singing classes. Principal agrees. some one pushes Pihu. Ruhi sees her lying on the floor and gets worried. Principal introduces all the children to Ruhi as their music teacher.

Aaliya sends a message to Ishita and reminds her to reconcile with Shagun.Ishita tells Santoshi that she will have to do something special for her. Santoshi says she doesn’t deserve all this. Ishita thanks her for giving her such a good idea. Ishita goes and starts giving a massage to Raman.He gets impressed and asks what does she want. Ishita suggests felicitating NGO at his drink’s launch. Raman says he will never be able to do this as she wanted to seperate his son from him. Ishita manages to convince him.

Aadi and Aaliya enter the night club.Aaliya tells him that she shopped a lot today. He asks if she bought something special for their first night. She says, ofcourse. Aadi tells Aaliya that they should go back to the hotel. They see a boy fighting with a girl. Aaliya tells Aadi that they should go to some other place. Aadi asks if she doesn’t trust him enough and says they should enjoy. They start dancing. A man comes and holds Aaliya’s hand.

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