Thursday, 6 July 2017

IPKKND 3 6th July: Advay enter's Vashisht's House

Episode starts with Indrani tells her sisters that the blackmail is given to all of us. She gets a call that Chandni fainted. She goes to Chandni and ask what happened, Chandni tells them what happened.
Advay is still there, Indrani slaps her watchman and ask her how did this happen on his watch. He tells them that someone attacked him. Meghna and Shikha, Chandni’s sisters come home from Banaras. Kajol tells them what happened during their absence. Shikha tells them that whatever happened it’s taken a toll over her and is now scared. The sister talk to each other and share a laugh. All the sisters cook in the kitchen together just like the oberoi brothers.

Advay calls the Vashisht servent Shilpa, she cuts his call but the sisters see that Shilpa has a new phone and takes it in their hand. Advay calls again Shilpa snatches the phone and runs away. Kajol drops Shilpa’s phone. Advay decides to go to the Vashisht’s house himself. The sisters are dancing in their room, having fun, Indrani comes there and the sisters start behaving. Meanwhile Advay opens the house doors and all the happy memories of his family come rushing back to him.
Indrani and Chandni talk to each other and is happy to see her this happy. Chandni senses that Indrani is worried. Advay starts crying remembering Mickoo. FB Mickoo and Advay are having fun with their father and Chandni remembers Dev kissing her on her forehead. FB over. Kajol, Indrani and Shagun talk about how we took all his fortune 16 years ago now he wants it back.

Advay wants to find out who all were responsible for his father’s death. He remembers how a man with a golden tooth was provoking the saints, how his dad was accused of replacing the gold ornaments with imitation and how a lady wearing payal had come home and hidden a wooden doll inside his house and the Vashisht ladies accused her of doing black magic by framing her and Chandni was part of it too. The man you provoked the people to burn his mother. He knows that its not only the Vashishts but they were the most benefited by this incident. He promises his baba that even though you taught me that forgiving and punishing the people is all in the hands of god but he will never forgive this family. Shilpa tells Advay everything and Advay goes to check what’s there in The box. He wants to listen to the sister’s talk, he goes near them and sees what written in the letter and clicks a picture of it. The sister listen to the click of the camera and turn.

Precap:- Advay grabs Chandni’s wallet and blackmails her that I will give you as much money as you want but for that you have to meet me on the roof top otherwise he won’t let her do what she has to do.

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